Last year Dinah was contacted by Brad Mattes, host of the television program, "Facing Life Head On" which airs on Christian stations nationwide.  In March, 2013 Dinah traveled to Ethiopia with the film crew to Ethiopia to film a special on the ministry.  They were so moved by what they encountered they decided to do a two part series.  Click here to watch this inspiring program and to see the home, the girls and the staff who all are stars, not just in the show, but in real life! 

It is hard for Americans to imagine the kind of poverty and desperation found in much of Africa.  While Ethiopia has a great deal of modernization, you cannot escape the beggars and the hovels alongside modern buildings and thriving businesses.  The most vulnerable are women and children.  And when an unmarried woman becomes pregnant, whether it is by rape, incest, or consent, she becomes the most desperate of all.

Pregnancy outside of marriage is socially shameful in Ethiopia.  Often times a girl is told to leave her home and village. If she lives in a rural area, her first concern is the hyenas; her second concern is starvation.  Even if she lives in a city there is no help. No shelters, no soup kitchens, no maternity homes... until now.

In 2010 Living Hope Maternity Home in Adama, Ethiopia opened. This Christian ministry provides a home for twelve mothers and mothers to be.  In the home they find nourishment for body and soul.  They receive prenatal and parenting classes as well as a Bible study.  But the challenge isn’t while they are in the home.  It is when they leave.  They come from abject poverty.  We cannot return them to that life with the added responsibility of a baby.  And so, when they arrive we start their plan for success.  Some need trade schools, others tutoring for the basic skills.  And they begin to make jewelry and hair flowers that will be the foundation of their success.

Living Hope Maternity Home is a speck of hope in a sea of despair.  Some would ask “Why bother?” considering the overwhelming need.  Yet to each girl who goes through our home, the program means a new life for her and her baby!