When the girls come into the home they learn how to create beautiful jewelry from paper beads they make and fabric flowers from the exquisite textiles woven in Ethiopia. The creations are sold in the U.S., on the Internet and through home parties called “Parties With A Purpose.”

The money they earn goes into a savings account.  When they leave they have enough saved to start a business or continue their education.

It is our goal that each of our girls is successful.  This means they have a sustained income to purchase food and necessities, have a safe place to live and have a church home and a continued commitment to Christ . The money they earn making jewelry is the key to this success! 

Any of our pieces make perfect gifts.

NECKLACES: The necklaces are crafted from beads rolled by hand.  Some have larger painted beads to give a “chunky” look.  The long single strand necklace can be unclasped so it can be wrapped around as many times as you like for a long, medium or tight look.  These necklaces will be admired by all who see them but more importantly, will open a dialogue where you can share what God is doing in our little Maternity Home.


BRACELETS:  These are made of memory wire strung with paper beads.  A beautiful statement is made by the addition of Precious Feet which dangle from one end.  This bracelet beautifully represents the passion of our ministry combined with the heart of Heritage House:  It is made by our rescued mothers in a home that saves their babies lives! 


EARRINGS: Each pair is hand crafted combining the beautiful handmade beads and glass or metal beads and findings.  Combining these two mediums makes elegant, unique earrings that will be noticed.  Many of the accent beads are “recycled” from old jewelry donated and sent over to the home.


HAIR FLOWERS:  Ethiopia is known for its exquisite textiles.  Our girls hand make flowers out of Ethiopian scarves.  They are then attached to the head band which can fit babies to adults. Depending on the color combination, they can be fun and trendy or the perfect touch to a dressy outfit.


PARTY WITH A PURPOSE: If you would like to have a “Party With A Purpose” please watch the video in our history section that explains what it is.  To schedule a party, where you and your friends can spend an evening together socializing and helping a very worthy cause - e-mail